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“We do it right. We do it once. And we do it well.”

Manufacturer of world-class car care products Professional detailing supplies for automotive, marine and more!

With a background in the automotive industry that spans 30+ years, Grady Bolin founded Innovative Car Care Products as a direct response to the market’s lack of affordable and high-quality car care products. Knowing that there simply had to be a better way to formulate these products, Bolin set out to develop his own line of products that would blow everything else available out of the water.


After years of intensive advanced chemistry research, Innovative Car Care Products was able to formulate a multitude of what many consider to be the BEST care products available today. Available at wholesale prices, these products are redefining the industry, leaving both CUSTOMERS shocked and competitors scrambling to keep up.


In particular, standout products such as those of the G’s Pimpjuice line, have garnered an especially large fanbase due to their highly concentrated formulas that manage to still be extremely affordable. These products are hailed as some of the absolute best available in part due to the versatile application that enables the consumer to use them in a multitude of ways. In fact, with one swipe of G’s Pimpjuice Ultra High Gloss and Interior Shine, it’s easy to see why customers can’t get enough of these products.


With the simple goal in mind of serving customers superior products at unbeatable prices, it’s no wonder Innovative Car Care Products has slowly but surely established themselves as the premier choice for car care products, with a large online following that continues to grow daily.


And when asked what exactly differentiates his company from that of competitors, Bolin’s answer is simple yet effective, just like his products…


Dignify Your Cars Interior


Clean, Polish, & Protect Your Exterior