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Some things were just made for each other. Take for instance our German designed sudzer and High-Pressure Gun.

The perfect pair for a fast and thorough wash, you’ll love just how sudsy your vehicle gets and how effortlessly you’ll be able to wash it all away. Yet, what you’ll love even more than this easy hands-free experience is lubricating tough dirt and debris off your car, without damaging the paint or wrapping… no pressure washer required!


  • Includes foam canon, high-pressure, gun, and FREE showerhead
  • Ideal for removing tough dirt, grime, debris, etc.
  • Compatible with virtually any garden hose – no pressure washer required
  • Allows for a hands-free wash
  • Extremely gentle on paint
  • Imported from Germany – high quality construction



Material: Plastic

Color: White/Blue


What’s included?

1 x Professional Foam Canon & High Pressure Gun

Sudzer & High Pressure Gun

$70.00 Regular Price
$39.00Sale Price