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The ultimate "Do It All" spot cleaner, our Mega All-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner is just the thing you need to clean and degreasewheels, tires, splattered bugs, carpet, upholstery, grease, stains, and more!

Featuring a super-concentrated formula, a little bit of this revolutionary cleaner is all you need to remove stains and grime in no time, meaning this product is not only fast but long-lasting. Additionally, you’ll love using this product before any shine or other special treatments to ensure optimal results.


  • Super concentrated formula – lasts forever
  • Use on wheels, tires, bugs, carpet, grime, upholstery, grease, and more
  • Use directly for quick, minor touchups
  • Recommended dilution of 4:1 water to cleaner for large jobs
  • Preps vehicle for shine treatments


Steps to Use

  • You can use straight for quick/tough jobs.
  • Super concentrated can be diluted 4:1 ratio with water for easier jobs and use foam or gun canon to make your vehicle clean.


What's in the box?

1 x g's PimpJuice Black Quality Bag


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