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Achieve a better and quicker clean with our G’s Pimpjuice Professional Complete Foam Blaster, your solution to a professional grade car wash experience from the comfort of your own driveway.

By preventing unattractive swirls and scratches, this Foam Blaster ensures you don’t accidentally damage your car’s delicate paint job or wrapping, but instead effortlessly lift dirt and other debris from paint without damage. A must-have for those looking to use their pressure washer to blast away dirt and debris quickly, you’ll love the results this Foam Blaster allows you to achieve and how much quicker it makes washing your vehicle at the same time.


  • Makes car washing quicker and more efficient
  • Includes 5 spray tips, holding tank, and spray gun
  • Use in conjunction with a pressure washer
  • Helps to save water – eco friendly
  • Imported from Germany – high quality construction



Material:High quality Plastic


What’s included?

1 x Holding Tank,

1 x Spray Gun

5 x Spray Tips


$90.00 Regular Price
$44.00Sale Price