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Developed after years of careful research, G’s Pimpjuice Ultra High Gloss tire shine and Interior dressing is specially made to add glass-like shine to your car’s interior, be it your upholstery, leather seats, dash, vinyl, plastic, and more!

You’ll love how easy it is to restore the interior of your vehicle to its former glory; simply spray the Interior Shine on the intended area, wait just a moment, and buff away to perfect with a microfiber towel or other car-safe rag.


  • Restores shine instantly to vinyl, leather, upholstery, plastic, and more
  • Cuts through grease, dust, dirt, haze marks, fingerprints, etc.
  • No mess and extremely long lasting
  • Little bit goes a long way – lasts forever
  • Offers UV and water protection
  • Polish, clean, and protect
  • Ultra high gloss give you water & UV protection, no mess, longest lasting on the plane.

Way of Use:

  • Tire spray or wipe on clean prepped are using our mega all-purpose concentrated cleaner first spray or wipe evenly.
  • Interior use sprays or wipes on leaves your vehicle looking better than new. Ultra High Gloss waterproof no mess no sling spray and walk away long lasting on the planet Hide wax & Haze marks protect Rubber, Vinyl, Plastic Leather. It is great for boats, motorcycle Bikes, Trailers, Golf carts, Side by side 4 wheelers truck best for all type of vehicles.


What’s included?

1 x g's Pimpjuice Ultra High Gloss and Interior Shine


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